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What to do if there is a utilities failure

London has a contingency plan for the widespread loss of power for up to five days, loss of mains water for up to two weeks and loss of telecommunications for up to three days.

Loss of gas or electricity

If the problem appears to affect only you and/or your immediate neighbours, you should contact your service provider.

Find out what to do if you smell gas.

If you believe are affected by the widespread loss of gas or electricity, you should:

  • turn off your gas or electricity supply – it can be dangerous if you are not at home when the supply is reinstated

  • listen to local radio updates (on a battery or wind-up radio) and act on advice and instructions from the utility providers or emergency services

  • be prepared to make alternative temporary living arrangements if necessary – consider if you have family or friends you could stay with and who could look after your pets

  • gather essential items together as well as an emergency bag if you have one.

Power cuts

If you are affected by a power cut, you can:

The UK Power Network has a Priority Services Register for people who are vulnerable in a power cut. To join, apply online at www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/priority.

Loss of water

If you experience a loss of water turn off all your taps – including the mains supply – and contact Thames Water.

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