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What to do in an emergency

Here is some general advice on what to do in an emergency as well as advice in the event of different types of emergency.

Advice in an emergency

General advice on what to do in an emergency.

If there is a utilities failure

London has a contingency plan for the widespread loss of power for up to five days, loss of mains water for up to two weeks and loss of telecommunications for up to three days.

If it floods

How you react will depend on the cause of the flood.

Severe weather

Find out what to do in the case of severe weather such as snow and ice, storms and gales, and heatwaves.

Fire emergency

If a fire starts the priority is to get everyone out and call 999. Don’t try to fight the fire yourself.

If you are evacuated

If you are evacuated by the emergency services, support is available from the us and from voluntary agencies.