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Being a good role model for your children

If you or someone at home smokes, drinks alcohol or takes drugs remember children learn from what they see and may begin to think that smoking, alcohol or drugs are solutions to problems.

hildren are very aware of their parents’ behaviour and may not want to talk about it because of the fear about what could happen.

If you think you or another adult at home has a problem seek advice and support. Your habit could be affecting the following:

  • Relationships – has someone spoken to you about their concerns about your drinking or drug use?

  • Your commitments – have you failed to do what is expected of you because of your drinking/drug use?
  • Your health – are you having difficulty sleeping, feeling unwell or needing to use something to make you feel better?
  • You have come into conflict with the law – have you been drinking and driving or arrested for possessing drugs?

These are all signs that you should seek help. All of these things will affect your ability to look after your children, keep them safe and help them develop into adulthood.

Make your home smokefree

  • Take 7 foot steps outside your home to ensure smoking does not affect your children.
  • Tell everyone in your house, and any visitors, that your home is now smokefree.
  • Keep a pair of slip-on shoes and other all-weather bits by your back door, so you can go out anytime.
  • Keep an ashtray 7 steps from your back door as a reminder. It’ll help keep the garden tidy too.
  • Can’t make it outside? Nicotine replacement methods like patches and gum can help.