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Electric vehicle charge points

Find out where charge points are located in Lewisham and how to use them

Finding an electric vehicle charge point

We have installed over 100 EV charge points across the borough.

You will also find private charging points located in private car parks (such as supermarkets/retail parks) and garages.

Check the location and availability of all existing charge points with Zap Map.

We will be installing more EV charge points in the near future. Find out more about our plans to facilitate electric vehicle use.

How to use the charge points

You can subscribe to a particular EV provider or use the pay-as-you-go option which does not require registration before usage. Pay as you go is more flexible than a subscription but tends to cost more per kilowatt-hour.

Types of charge points available

There are three types of charge points available in the borough:

Rapid-charge devices (50KW)

These chargers are available on ‘red routes’ maintained by Transport for London and in a number of council car parks near town centres. They are too large to be placed in more residential streets.

Standard (7KW) charge points

These chargers can be found on residential streets around the borough and also in many council car parks. These are dedicated EV bays that can be used for charging purposes only.

5KW lamp column chargers

These chargers are found predominantly in residential settings and are installed on bollards next to a lamp post. Please note that if the bay is in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), and is not marked as being a dedicated EV bay, you must have a valid residents’ CPZ parking permit to use the charger during the operating hours of the CPZ. 

How to request a new EV charging point

Please complete this form to suggest a location for a new EV charging point.