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Cycle storage for hire

Find out how to rent a space in a bikehangar or get a new bikehangar installed in your area.

Cycle hangars are specially designed secure storage units for bikes. They are installed onto streets, with the unit bolted onto the kerb. Each hangar holds up to six bikes. The cycle hangar takes up just over half a standard car parking space.

Renting a space in a cycle hangar

You can find and rent a space in an existing cycle hangar by visiting the Cyclehoop website. If the hangar is full, you will be placed on a waiting list and the places will be allocated in order of the date of the request.

If you are renting a space, you will share the same cycle hangar with five other people - only these six residents will have keys for the cycle hangar. You may be able to rent more than one space. While cycle hangars offer an excellent level of security, we recommend locking your bike in the cycle hangar. You will need to ask your insurance company if your bike is covered while stored in a cycle hangar.

The cost of renting a cycle hangar is subsidised by the Council. For cycle hangars provided by Cyclehoop, each cycle hangar space costs £66 a year to rent (equivalent to £5.50 a month), plus a £25 returnable key deposit. For cycle hangars provided by Falco, each space costs £60 a year to rent. 

Request a new cycle hangar

To request a new cycle hangar, please complete our cycle hangar request form.Please do not submit more than one request per individual - any duplicates will be deleted. 

Due to very high demand for new cycle hangars across the borough and limited funding, we are not able to install cycle hangars in every location requested. 

Requests are prioritised primarily based on the number of requests for a cycle hangar in a specific location, but other factors are also considered, such as whether the properties in the street have space to accommodate off-street parking and whether there is already space in existing cycle hangars nearby. Locations for new cycle hangars are also subject to feasibility checks and consultation with local councillors and residents. 

Installation of new cycle hangars and allocation of spaces

We install new cycle hangars in batches, typically twice a year. View our proposed installation programme of cycle hangars for 2023-24 - please note that this is subject to statutory consultation. 

Places in new cycle hangars will be allocated based on the order in which residents originally requested a cycle hangar on their street. Each individual within a household requiring a space will need to submit a separate request. Households may rent up to a maximum of two spaces per cycle hangar.

Requestors will be given a limited time window (approximately a week) in which to respond before the next person on the waiting list is contacted. Upon being offered a place, applicants will be required to demonstrate proof of address. Checks will also be made on whether the individual requesting a space in a new cycle hangar may already have suitable off-street space for cycle parking. 

Reporting damage to a cycle hangar

To report damage to your local cycle hangar and arrange a repair, please call the supplier on 020 8699 1338.