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Cycle storage for hire

Find out how to rent a space in a bikehangar or get a new bikehangar installed in your area.

Reporting damage to a bikehanger

To report damage to your local bikehanger and arrange a repair, call the supplier on 020 8699 1338.

How bikehangars work

What are bikehangars?

  • Bikehangars are specially designed secure storage units for bikes.
  • They are installed onto streets, with the unit bolted onto the kerb.
  • Each hangar holds up to six bikes.
  • The bikehangar takes up half a standard car parking space.

How does renting a space in a bikehangar work?

If you renting a space, you will share a bikehangar with five other people.

  • Only the six residents will have keys for the bikehangar.

  • You may be able to rent more than one space. But, if six or more people request a space, each one will be offered a space first.

Will my bike be safe in a bikehangar?

  • The bikehangars offer an excellent level of security.

  • If possible, we will place them in areas where they are seen by lots of people.

  • To increase security, we recommend locking your bike in the bikehangar.

  • You will need to ask your insurance company if your bike is covered while stored in a bikehangar.

How much does a bikehangar space cost?

Each bikehangar space costs £60 a year to rent including VAT (equal to £5 a month), plus a £25 returnable key deposit.

Request a space in a bikehangar 

To request a space in an existing bikehangar, complete the form below.

If we reject your request for a space, we will tell you why.

Request a new bikehangar

We install new bikehangars twice a year, in February and September.

All installations are dependent on funding. This means we are not able to install bikehangars in every location they are requested.

  • the number of requests for a bikehangar in a specific location

  • support from your ward councillors

  • whether or not the surrounding properties can house bikes 

  • existing bikehangars with vacancies nearby.

To request a bikehangar in your street fill in the online request form below.

When a location request has been assessed and accepted, it will go on a list for the provider to install.