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Cycle storage for hire

Find out how to rent a space in a bikehangar or get a new bikehangar installed in your area.

Reporting damage to a bikehangar

To report damage to your local bikehangar and arrange a repair, please call the supplier on 020 8699 1338.

How bikehangars work

What are bikehangars

Bikehangars are specially designed secure storage units for bikes. They are installed onto streets, with the unit bolted onto the kerb. Each hangar holds up to six bikes. The bikehangar takes up just over half a standard car parking space.

Renting a space in a bikehangar

If you are renting a space, you will share the same bikehangar with five other people. Only these six residents will have keys for the bikehangar. You may be able to rent more than one space. But, if six or more people request a space, each one will be offered a space first.

Will my bike be safe in a bikehangar?

The bikehangars offer an excellent level of security. If possible, we will place them in areas where they are seen by lots of people. To increase security, we recommend locking your bike in the bikehangar. You will need to ask your insurance company if your bike is covered while stored in a bikehangar.

Bikehangar space cost

Each bikehangar space costs £60 a year to rent including VAT (equal to £5 a month), plus a £25 returnable key deposit. The council offer subsidies, one of the lowest rates in London.

Request a space in an existing bikehangar 

To request a space in an existing bikehangar, please complete the form below. If the hangar is full, you will be placed on a waiting list and the places will be allocated in order of the date of the request. If we reject your request for a space, we will tell you why.

Search for a space in existing bikehangars.

Request a new bikehangar

We install new bikehangars in batches, typically twice a year, subject to availability of funding.

With high demand across the borough, this means we are not able to install bikehangars in every location they are requested. Requests are prioritised primarily based on the number of requests for a bikehangar in a specific location, but other factors are also considered, such as whether the properties in the street have space to accommodate off-street parking, and whether there is already space in existing bike hangars nearby.

Once a location has been prioritised, it is also subject to feasibility checks such as there being minimum footway clearance to open the hangar and remove the bike safely. Footways with a higher number of pedestrians may require additional width. The location will also be subject to consultation with your local ward councillor and residents.

To request a bikehangar in your street, please fill in the request form below.

When a location request has been assessed and accepted, it will go on a list for the provider to install. Places will be allocated based on those who registered an interest in receiving a bikehangar on the street first. Each individual within a household requiring a space, will need to register separately. Checks will also be made on whether the requestor might already have suitable off street space for cycle parking. Requestors will be given a limited window (approximately a week), in which to respond before the next person on the requestor list is contacted. Upon being offered a place, applicants will be required to demonstrate their proof of address.

Request a new bikehangar.