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Pedestrian crossings

How to request a new pedestrian crossing or report a problem with an existing one.

Working with Transport for London, we provide pedestrian crossing facilities and review existing signalled junctions to improve pedestrian priority and safety.

All our crossings are now accessible for disabled users. This means that all crossings have tactile paving, dropped kerbs and (where appropriate) audible signals.

Report faults or problems with pedestrian crossings

Signals and traffic lights

Pavements or road surfaces

For more information and to report faults online visit the roads and pavements section.

Request a new pedestrian crossing

Contact us by emailing activetravel@lewisham.gov.uk.

We will investigate and respond to you directly. We receive many requests for new crossings and it is not always possible for all of the schemes requested to be put in. Each site is surveyed and the results compared with national criteria to identify the most needy locations. Factors measured include:

  • the number of people crossing

  • the amount of traffic

  • the number of injures on the road near the site

  • local features such as hospitals, schools and shops.

Who is responsible for maintaining pedestrian crossings?

The signal components of all pelican, puffin and toucan crossings in London are maintained by Transport for London’s (TfL) traffic signal department.

We maintain the fabric of the paving and road surface. We design crossings in conjunction with TfL. If you are concerned that the visibility for pedestrians is poor at a pelican crossing, please contact us.

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