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Traffic calming measures

Learn about the traffic calming measures that can be introduced in your area and how to request traffic calming measures or related repairs on your road.

Our approach to introducing traffic calming measures gives priority to areas based on the number of personal injury accidents that have occurred there.

Traffic calming measures are features that influence people to drive at a lower speed and can include speed limits, speed cameras and speed humps.

In general we do not install traffic calming measures in just one road, because traffic calming one road tends simply to move the problems into adjacent roads.

If you feel that your road needs traffic calming measures, please complete the speed enforcement report form.

Red routes and traffic lights

To report a problem with traffic lights or signs and markings along a red route, phone Transport for London on 0845 305 1234 or report it online on the TfL website.

Speed cameras

Transport for London is responsible for installing speed cameras and the police are responsible for the penalty charges that are issued when the cameras catch people speeding.

The London Safety Camera Partnership is responsible for deciding where speed cameras should be installed.

Speed humps

The science of speed humps

The shape of speed control humps is strictly regulated.

  • A 75mm high hump has been found to reduce traffic to around 22mph.

  • 100mm high humps reduce speeds to 17mph on the hump but speeds rise to 35mph between the humps, causing excessive acceleration, braking and increased pollution.

Speed humps and noise

  • Speed control humps can lead to complaints about increased noise and sometimes increased vibration from traffic.

  • While the noise and vibration may be a nuisance, though it is very unlikely that any damage would be caused to your property.

  • If you are still concerned, please contact us. We will check that the humps comply with regulations and that there are no defects in the road surface making the problem worse.

Hither Green corridor

The following documents give details of the proposed highway improvements.

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