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Deptford Church Street cycle improvements

We are proposing to introduce a new cycle route along Deptford Church Street

We are proposing to introduce a new cycle route along Deptford Church Street to make it safer and easier to cycle around the borough. We are asking residents to share their views on the proposed scheme by midday on Tuesday 2 January 2024.

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A safer cycle route along Deptford Church Street is proposed in the form of a segregated cycle lane between Creek Road (A200) and Deptford Broadway/Deptford Bridge. The segregated cycle lane will be created from a combination of kerbed islands and cycle wands and will connect to existing cycle infrastructure at the northern and southern ends of the road. 

Existing bus stops will be upgraded to ‘floating’ bus stops, set out from the pavement on the other side of the cycle lane, with crossings in place to ensure passengers can access bus stops safely. This will help accommodate the new cycle lane while maintaining existing bus stop locations.

Rain gardens with low-level vegetation will be integrated around these bus stops to help improve drainage and reduce surface water flooding. The junctions of Deptford Church Street with Coffey Street,
Giffin Street and Reginald Road will also be upgraded to signalised junctions to ensure safe crossing locations for cyclists.

As part of the scheme, existing streetlights will be upgraded and relocated as required and the safety barrier and wall separating the carriageway between the junction of Creekside and Giffin Street will be repaired.

View a map of the proposed improvements.

Share your views

To share your views on the proposals, complete our online survey or collect a paper copy of the survey from Deptford Lounge, 9 Giffin Street, SE8 4RJ.

If you have any questions about the proposals or the consultation, please email consultation@lewisham.gov.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction work begin?

Works on the proposed cycle improvements would be expected to begin in mid-2024 and complete in 2025.

How will construction be aligned with the Thames Tideway scheme?

We are working closely with the Thames Tideway team to ensure the proposed cycle improvements are aligned with the Thames Tideway project. Works on the proposed cycle improvements would begin while the current road closures for the Thames Tideway project are still in place in order to minimise disruption for residents and ensure the road can be fully re-opened as quickly as possible.

Works on the Thames Tideway scheme are due to be completed in late 2024 and works on the proposed cycle improvements would continue after this point, with completion expected in 2025.

How will you ensure the introduction of ‘floating’ bus stops does not cause issues for bus passengers, particularly those with visual impairments?

The bus stops have been designed in line with Transport for London guidance. There are crossing points for pedestrians to use when crossing the cycle track from the bus stop waiting area to the pavement and tactile paving will be installed to aid blind or partially-sighted pedestrians. Zebra crossing markings highlight these crossing locations for both pedestrians and cyclists, who will be required to give way to pedestrians.

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