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Development management submission

Development management local plan documents submitted for examination in 2013.
Planning fees

From Wednesday, December 6, statutory planning fees will be increased.

On 15 November 2013 we submitted the Development Management Local Plan to the Secretary of State for examination by an independent Planning Inspector.

This final document is known as the Development Management Local Plan (DMLP) submission version. Once the DMLP is submitted a Planning Inspector will be appointed to assess the Plan, check that all legal requirements have been met and review and listen to comments from residents, stakeholders and businesses, as well as study local evidence. ​An examination in public will be held if necessary.

Submission documents

The following documents were submitted:

  • Development Management Local Plan (DMLP)
  • the sustainability appraisal of the DMLP
  • the statement of consultation regarding representations received (including details of the main issues raised and how they were taken into account)
  • the statement of community Involvement
  • policies map changes
  • copies of representations received at the publication stage (proposed submission version).

The full list of submitted documents which have supported the production of the DMLP, known as the evidence base, can be viewed in the submission library Index.​​

​The following representations to the Proposed Submission version were also submitted.