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External works to houses in conservation areas

Planning permission is required for certain external works to a dwelling house in a conservation area. This is in addition to the standard restrictions to permitted development that apply to all single dwelling houses. Works that require planning permission as a result of conservation area status include:
Planning service charges

Planning services have introduced new charges for withdrawing planning applications that have not been validated. These charges are to recover administrative costs. The charge for Non-Major applications is £41.67 (£50 including VAT) and for Major applications, it is £125 (£150 including VAT).

  • house extensions to the side

  • house extension to the rear greater than single storey,

  • the cladding of any part of the exterior,

  • any addition or alteration to the roof,

  • the erection to the side of the house of an ancillary building e.g. a garden shed,

  • the erection of chimneys, flues or soil and vent pipes to front or side elevations fronting a highway.

  • the installation of an antenna (satellite dish) on a chimney, wall or roof slope which faces a highway and is visible from a highway. Also on buildings taller than 15 metres.

  • the installation of solar photovoltaic or solar thermal equipment on to wall elevations visible from a public place.

Control of works to flats and commercial properties in conservation areas

Flats or subdivided houses do not have permitted development rights and must seek planning permission to undertake changes to the exterior. This includes alterations such as such the erection of a satellite dish or replacing windows or doors. Commercial properties have limited development rights and are advised to seek informal advice from Planning Information Services before undertaking any works.

Applying for planning permission

Application forms are available to download on our website and from the Planning Portal. Alternatively you can email Planning Information Services and ask for the forms to be sent or emailed to you.

Heritage statements

Government legislation now requires any application affecting heritage assets (for example, buildings in conservation areas, listed buildings and locally listed building)  to be accompanied by a heritage statement. Lewisham Council has produced information on how to write heritage statements, to view this guidance use the link below.

Useful websites

For more information on issues affecting your home such as climate change, maintenance and repairs go to the websites below.

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