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Apply for replacement windows (not in a conservation area)

Apply for planning permission to replace windows for a property that is not in a conservation area.

​You need planning permission to replace windows in a flat or for a house in multiple occupation (HMO) with over six unrelated occupants.

How to apply

Apply for replacement windows

Alternatively, print off an application form:

​You also need to submit:

​Correct certificate of ownership

If you live in a flat and do not own the freehold, or if you own the freehold jointly with other owners, you need to complete Certificate B on the back of the application form.

Site location plan

This is a map showing your house with two roads clearly visible. You can sometimes use a map which is part of your house deeds or buy one from a map provider.

Existing and proposed elevations

  • High-quality photographs may be submitted in place of existing elevations.

  • If submitting photos, each photograph must have a title e.g. Document 1 – front elevation, Document 2 – rear elevation, etc. Photographs must show each entire elevation where one or more windows are proposed to be replaced. Photographs must show clearly the style and glazing pattern of the existing windows. Photographs where elevations are obscured e.g. by trees will not be acceptable.

  • Each window to be replaced must be individually identified on the ‘as existing’ elevations or photographs by a number or letter.

  • Detailed ‘as proposed’ drawings of the individual windows to be replaced which have measurements (height, depth and width) noted on and other necessary information must be cross-referenced to the numbers or letters identifying the individual windows.


The fee is £206.