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The validation process

See what the validation process is after your application is received.

After the application is received:

  • We create a file and allocate an application number. This number is your planning application reference and should be quoted whenever you contact us about the application.
  • The application is allocated to a planning officer.
  • Once allocated, the planning officer undertakes a pre-validation check to make sure that the application meets our local requirements list.

If the application is valid

  • The validation team process the application and send you an acknowledgement letter with a site notice and guidance notes.
  • The validation team create a list of neighbours to consult (if appropriate).
  • Letters are sent to neighbours.
  • A number of statutory external and internal consultees are contacted for their comments on the application e.g. Thames Water, conservation officers, Environment Agency.
  • The application is scanned and becomes available on the website.
  • It is then given to the planning officer for assessment and to make a recommendation.

If the application is invalid

  • You will receive an email or letter stating the reasons it is invalid.
  • The application is then suspended until the requested information is received.
  • The time limit for suspending the application is 21 days. After this period, the application is withdrawn and this is confirmed by either letter or email.
  • Once an application has been withdrawn, you will need to submit a new application.

For guidance on time periods for determining applications, please visit the government's Planning Practice Guidance website.