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The School Streets Programme – camera-enforced closing of streets outside schools.

The School Street programme is a scheme to close roads outside schools, to favour pedestrians and cyclists at school start and finish times.

Why are the School Street scheme closures important?

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • help pupils and parents to socially distance at the school gates.
  • make it easier and safer to walk and cycle to school.
  • tackle congestion.
  • improve air quality at the school gates.
  • create a friendlier and calmer environment for everyone.

How does the School Streets scheme work?

  • the street directly outside a school will be closed for a short time when children are arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.
  • the street will become a pedestrian and cycle zone at these set times.
  • motorised vehicles will not be allowed to enter the street between these times unless they have been granted an exemption. Exemptions will be kept to an absolute minimum to improve road safety for everyone in the vicinity of the school gates.
  • the school streets will be in operation in term time only.

Where are the School Street closures in place?

Some of the camera-enforced restrictions affect more than one road around the school. The camera-enforced restrictions are in place at 16 school locations:

  • Adamsrill – Adamsrill Road
  • Ashmead – Ashmead Road
  • All Saints – Blackheath Vale
  • Brindishe Green - Beacon Road
  • Conisborough College - Access Road/ Thornsbeach Road
  • Coopers Lane Primary – Pragnell Road
  • Eliot Bank - Thorpewood Avenue
  • Gordonbrock – Amyruth Road
  • Haseltine - Bell Green Lane
  • Holbeach – Doggett Road
  • John Ball School - Baizdon Road
  • Kilmorie - Kilmorie Road
  • Myatt Garden – Upper Brockley Road leading into Rokeby Road & Upper Brockley Road from A20 Lewisham Way
  • Prendergast Ladywell Fields – Ewhurst Road
  • Rathfern – Rathfern Road
  • Rushey Green – Culverley Road & Penerley Road

More details of the time restrictions at these locations can be found in the table further down this page.

Exempt persons

Exempt persons include:

  • Residents of the street.
  • Blue Badge Holding teachers, pupils and parents, carers, and other staff at the school where the restriction is present.
  • Carers of residents of the street.

To find out more about how to apply for an exemption, evidence requirements, and how to get in touch with Customer Services, visit School Street Exemptions Questions and Answers

More information

More information on the school streets program can be found on our website, where feedback on the schemes can also be provided.

Further information on restrictions, such as times and locations

School Street Between Junctions Operation times
Adamsrill Adamsrill Road Fairwyn Road and Champion Road Monday-Friday 8.15-9.15 and 3.00-4.00
All Saints Blackheath Vale Cul-de-sac – Entry west of Duke Humphrey Road Monday-Friday 8.15-9.00 and 3.00-4.00
Ashmead Ashmead Road – One Way Westbound entry from St John’s Vale Monday-Friday 8.30-9.30 and 3.00-4.00
Brindishe Green Beacon Rd – One Way Eastbound entry – from Hither Green Lane Monday-Friday 8.30-9.30 and 2.45-3.45
Conisborough College Access Road/ Thornsbeach Road Cul-de-sac – Entry south of Bellingham Road Monday-Friday 8.00-9.15 and 2.30-4.00
Coopers Lane Primary Pragnell Rd Southbound entry from Kingsand Road Monday-Thursday 8.15-9.30 and 2.30-3.30 and Fri 8.15-9.30 and 1.30-2.30
Eliot Bank Thorpewood Ave Eastbound entry from Kirkdale Monday-Friday 8.30-9.30 and 2.45-3.45
Gordonbrock Amyruth Rd Northbound entry from Chudleigh Rd Monday-Friday 8.30-9.30 and 2.45-3.45
Haseltine Bell Green Lane Southbound entry from Stanton Way and northbound entry just south of Haseltine Road Monday-Friday 8.30-9.30 and 2.45-4.00
Holbeach Doggett Road Holbeach Road and Bradgate Road Monday-Friday 8.15-9.30 and 2.30-3.45
John Ball Baizdon Road West of Hurren Close along School frontage Monday-Friday 8.30-9.15 and 2.45-3.30
Kilmorie Kilmorie Rd & Northbound entry from Woolstone Rd Monday-Friday 8.15-9.15 and 2.45-3.45
Myatt Garden One Way Section of Upper Brockley Rd leading into Rokeby Road & Northbound entry from Ashby Road to A20 Lewisham Way Monday-Friday 8.30-9.45 and 2.45-4.00
Myatt Garden One Way Section in Upper Brockley Rd from A20 Lewisham Way Southbound entry from Lewisham Way Service Road to Ashby Road Monday-Friday 8.30-9.45 and 2.45-4.00
Prendergast Ladywell Fields Ewhurst Road Cul-de-sac – Entry east of Manwood Road Monday-Friday 8.00-9.15 and 2.45-3.45
Rathfern Rathfern Road Northbound entry from Catford Hill Monday-Friday 8.15-9.15 and 2.45-3.45
Rushey Green Culverley Rd & East of Service Road to Apex Apartments to West of junction with Thornsbeach Road Monday-Friday 8.15-9.15 and 2.45-3.45
Rushey Green Penerley Rd From Dental Practice to North of junction with Bargery Rd Monday-Friday 8.15-9.15 and 2.45-3.45