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About parking tickets and parking enforcement

Drivers who break parking regulations (either on the public highway or in one of our public car parks) will be issued with a penalty charge notice.

A penalty charge notice may be issued if your vehicle is:

  • parked on a yellow line during restricted times

  • not displaying a valid ticket or permit

  • not having a virtual parking cashless session 

  • displaying an expired ticket/permit

  • not having a virtual parking permit

  • exceeding the maximum period of stay

  • parked on the pavement

  • not parked wholly in a bay

  • parking in a bay when it has been suspended.

How much do I pay?

The amount you have to pay is clearly stated on the penalty charge notice.

If we do not receive payment within the 14 day discount period you will be liable for the full amount. If you do not pay within 28 days then we will send a Notice to Owner to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Who issues parking penalty notices?

On red routes, parking penalties are issued by Metropolitan Police traffic wardens. On all other roads in the borough, parking tickets are issued by our parking enforcement contractor, NSL Services.

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