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Empty property loan

This loan is available as a top up to the empty homes grant.

Amount Available  

  • for eligible works up to £15,000 per unit and a maximum of £60,000 per scheme
  • where the property is a studio flat the loan is capped at £7,000 per unit
  • large scheme applications above the maximum level of assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Private Sector Housing Agency Manager or a more senior Manager. 

Who can apply?  

Applicants must be freeholders or leaseholders of empty property that has been empty for a minimum of 6 months. 

Supplementary loan eligibility criteria 

empty property owners convicted by the Council for housing related offences are not eligible for loan assistance

  • where a prosecution is pending the application will be deferred until the outcome of the case is known.

What this grant can fund

  • repairs and improvement works to bring an empty property back into residential use
  • works to improve energy efficiency at the property to bring it up to a minimum EPC rating of C
  • works to convert empty commercial or other premises to residential use.

For full information on the grant and conditions, please read the Housing Assistance Policy

How to apply

To make an enquiry or to start the loan application process email: grantsandloans@lewisham.gov.uk or call our Private Sector Housing Agency on 020 8314 6622.

To find out if a disabled person is eligible for a visit and assessment by an Occupational Therapist, contact the Community Occupational Therapy service direct on telephone 020 8314 7777.

Before the Council can decide whether to approve or refuse a housing assistance application, the applicant must submit a valid application. A valid application will consist of completing and submitting the following documents:

  • an application form
  • proof of ownership from the owner or landlord
  • two quotations from legitimate building contractors
  • details of any professional fees and/or other ancillary charges

Where necessary, the applicant may be required to submit further supporting documentation or information to help the Council reach a decision.


Housing Assistance Team