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Resident guide to action on the climate crisis

Advice on what residents can do in their own lives to take action on the climate crisis.

Climate change is a global issue and to solve it will need everybody working together.  At Lewisham Council we are working hard to reach our target of net zero emissions by 2030. However, much of the borough's emissions are not within the direct control of the council, and this is where you come in.

What can you do?

Empower yourself

A good place to start is the Grantham Institute’s ‘9 things you can do about climate change’

Otherwise, it’s easier to take action from a place of understanding - find out more about the climate crisis by checking out this UN summary or you might be interested in this reading list. We also have a reading list about some incredible female climate activists to celebrate International Women’s day, for more inspiration. 

If you feel you have a good understanding of the climate emergency already, why not test your knowledge with this climate literacy quiz?

Measure your CO2 consumption

You can do this for yourself as an individual using the WWF website or for your business or organisation using the Carbon Disclosure Project website.

The web platform Giki Zero is also a fun way to measure your climate impact as well as making suggestions for how you can reduce it, and even allows you to compete in teams.  Why not introduce this to your workplace or family?

Measuring your carbon footprint is a really insightful way to learn about the impact of your lifestyle and can act as a useful springboard to make changes. 

Reduce your carbon footprint!

There are many actions we can all take as an individual to reduce your environmental impact, especially your carbon footprint. 

Three of the most effective actions that an individual can take are:

  • Reducing car use (save up to 2.4 tonnes of C02)
  • Reducing air travel (saving 1.6 tonnes of C02 per roundtrip transatlantic flight)
  • Reducing meat, dairy and processed food consumption (saving up to 0.8 tonnes of C02).

It may seem daunting to try to change your lifestyle but there is a lot of support available, and you don’t need to change everything all at once. 

Lewisham Council offers lots of support to residents trying to reduce their carbon footprint – please see links below.  There is also plenty going on other online advice as well as action groups in the borough that can help you live more sustainably.