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Pet neutering scheme

Neutering your pet has positive health benefits for your animal, and for your local environment. Find out how to get discounts for neutering.

Benefits of having your pet neutered

  • reduces the chance of developing breast cancer and removes the threat of ovarian cancer and internal infections, which are common problems in un-neutered females

  • prevents testicular tumours and may help prevent prostate problems

  • neutered male cats are less likely to mark their territory and are less tempted to leave your property in search of a female, or fight over territory with other males

  • neutering your male dog may help to calm him down

  • reduces the number of unwanted and stray animals.

Pet neutering discounts

If you are on a low income, benefits or a pension, you might be able to get free or discounted neutering and vaccinations at Celia Hammond Trust or the PDSA.

The Mayhew Animal Home also offers free neutering for all bull breeds.


Animal Welfare

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