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Sector Based Work Academies

Find out about training placements that offer job specific skills and work experience.

The sector-based work academy programme (SWAP) helps those receiving unemployment benefits get a job in a new area of work.

SWAP placements last up to 6 weeks. They give you the skills you need for a specific role and are often linked to local job vacancies.

We are working with Lewisham College and local employers to provide SWAPs training.

What SWAP placements can offer

  • training matched to the skills you need for the job
  • work experience, so you can find out if you like the job before applying
  • a job interview (some SWAP placements guarantee you an interview at the end).

What sectors does SWAP cover?

SWAP placements have provided training for jobs in:

  • retail
  • hospitality
  • health and social care
  • facilities and security
  • construction.

Find a SWAP placement

Speak to the Job Centre Plus to find out if you are eligible for SWAP and what the next steps are.

Contact the Jobcentre Plus about SWAP.

Employers looking to offer a SWAP

SWAP placements can help you recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business.

We can match the skills you need with local candidates.

Email us at economyandpartnerships@lewisham.gov.uk with:

  • what skills you are looking for
  • if you can guarantee an interview for anyone who trains with you.

Find out more about offering a SWAP placement on the Government’s website.