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Creating your community-led project

Advice and guidance on setting up your community-led project.

Begin by assessing the feasibility of your plans, speaking to neighbours to get their input and setting out a basic timeline for the completion of your project.

It may be helpful to generate ideas and build support for the project in your community by coming together as a group and discussing existing local projects, issues and areas for improvement.

It will be important to find out whether other local people share the same ideas as you. Or, there may already be plans to improve the area that you can help to design and deliver.


Once you’ve carried out your early investigations and determined what is already happening in your neighbourhood, you’ll need to think about what resources you might need to carry your project forward. This is a good time to put together an initial plan.

When you’ve decided what you want to achieve, consulted with your neighbours and local groups to find out what other work is going on in the area, and thought about resources, timescales and the level of commitment required to complete your project, it may be helpful to get a second opinion on your proposals. Presenting your ideas at a local assembly meeting will allow other people in your area to comment on your outline plans. You might also want to gather opinions through social media, informal meetings or drop-in sessions. You could also exhibit your plans in a local library or community space to reach as many of your neighbours as possible.

If your plans require substantial funding and resources

If you intend to carry out building work or if you’re aiming to influence the redevelopment of a whole area, you’ll need to have early discussions with specialists about the feasibility of your plans.

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