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We want your views on our new dementia strategy

In common with the national picture, we’re expecting to see a rise in the number of people with dementia in our borough over the years and decades ahead as the size of our older population increases.

That’s why we’ve worked with local healthcare and social care providers on a new strategy to support people with dementia, and their family and carers – and we want your views on whether we’ve got this right.

The strategy sets out our shared ambitions to improve the diagnosis, care and support provided to people with dementia. To help us achieve these aims, our strategy includes some key outcomes that we will track to ensure that we are delivering on our aspirations for people with and affected by dementia. Today (Wednesday 1 March), we’re launching a consultation to encourage people to share their views on these proposed outcomes.

It’s particularly important to us that we hear from people who have direct and indirect experience of dementia so that we can better understand if we’re focusing on the outcomes that will really make a difference.

The outcomes that we’re consulting on are:

1. Increased public awareness of the link between dementia and lifestyle.

2. Increased uptake of healthy lifestyle choices.

3. Increased diagnosis rates

4. Reduced antipsychotic prescribing rates for people with dementia

5. Improved quality of life of people with dementia.

6. Increased proportion of people with dementia who feel encouraged to make decisions about their future care.

7. Increased proportion of people with dementia who are aware they can update their advance care plan at each care review.

8. Increased proportion of people with dementia who participate in activities to promote their wellbeing.

To share your views on these outcomes, you can take part in our consultation online here.  Our teams will also be speaking directly to adult social care providers and service users. They will also be out and about across the borough over the coming weeks, speaking to members of the public about the consultation and encouraging them to share their views. If you see them, they will be only too happy to speak to you about the consultation and ensure your views are recorded.

You can watch our video with Councillor Paul Bell, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, in which he explains more about the consultation and why your views matter. 

The consultation will run until Wednesday 26 April 2023 and we will share more information about the feedback we receive during the consultation, and how we will address this, as we continue to develop the strategy.

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