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Lewisham Council confirms Public Space Protection Order to tackle rising antisocial behaviour

In response to rising antisocial behaviour (ASB) and complaints, the Council has confirmed a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle ASB, with a focus on hot spots across the borough.

Council teams will be out in the borough from 1 June 2024 providing education and support to residents, businesses and visitors about the PSPO and there will be signage installed in key areas across Lewisham.

The PSPO is designed to reduce ASB and address the behaviours we get the most complaints about, such as dog and alcohol related nuisance that negatively affects other residents. One in four residents told us that they are concerned about ASB and crime and want this to be a focus for the Council.

Following extensive consultation and scrutiny with the community and partners last year, the plans will be rolled out borough-wide and include:

No public urination and defecation
No amplified speech or music in open spaces
No dog related antisocial behaviour in public spaces and parks
No illegal encampments

The restrictions related to alcohol related antisocial behaviour and the consumption of drugs will be applicable in the following wards: Evelyn, Deptford, Brockley, Ladywell, Lewisham Central, Rushey Green, Sydenham, Bellingham, Catford South, Hither Green and Downham.

We will be working closely with partners to ensure we educate people about these plans and help those who might be deemed vulnerable. There is a public health approach offered in Lewisham to those who need extra support. An Equalities Impact Assessment was undertaken to make sure that vulnerable groups are not disproportionately impacted by the PSPO.

The PSPO is an additional tool that gives the Police and Council Officers powers to help reduce specific antisocial ASB behaviours. It will not stop people socialising in the open and enjoying public spaces but it helps deter those whose behaviour is affecting other people.

Brenda Dacres, Mayor of Lewisham said:

“Thank you to all our local residents and businesses who took part in our consultation process about antisocial behaviour in the borough. This feedback has been invaluable and we have directly responded to your concerns by confirming this PSPO in Lewisham.

“We are keen to take a support-led approach and our teams will be out in the borough soon to engage and educate residents about our plans to tackle ASB.”

Cllr Juliet Campbell, Cabinet Member for Communities, Refugees and Community Safety said:

“We want everybody to be able to enjoy living and working in Lewisham so tackling antisocial behaviour is a high priority. The PSPO being implemented is in response to the data and focuses the restrictions at the areas in the borough where they are most needed.

“We hope that this will help to deter nuisance behaviour and want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy public places safely, free from antisocial behaviour.”

Residents can report antisocial behaviour by on our website or by emailing asb.statnuisance@lewisham.gov.uk

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