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Could you be BetterOff?

We have launched a new online benefits calculator tool that could help people access their share of the £23 billion of benefits that goes unclaimed every year.

People across the country are still facing cost of living pressures and may be feeling like their money doesn’t stretch far enough. 

We have launched a new tool called BetterOff Lewisham. BetterOff Lewisham helps you to work out the benefits you're entitled to and shows you how to apply for them online. 

It can also:

  • search for jobs and volunteering opportunities, and record job searches 
  • appeal benefit decisions 
  • find advice and information on a range of topics, including childcare 
  • provide budgeting tools to help manage money 
  • be translated into over 130 languages
  • be shared securely with an advisor or friend

We want it to be as accessible as possible. If you need help to use BetterOff Lewisham, or to complete an application, you can securely share your account with someone else, such as an advisor or a friend. It’s also available in over 130 languages. 

We aren't the first in the country to employ this tool, however is inspired to hear from colleagues across the country, such as Stockport Council, who, within the first five months of BetterOff going live, the average amount claimed by each Stockport BetterOff user increased by 250%!

To get started, visit lewisham.betteroff.org.uk.

If you are worrying about money, we do have a useful online guide - worryingaboutmoney.co.uk/lewisham, which provides lots of help and resources that can help you if you’re worrying about your finances, and has recently been updated for 2024. There are also translations in Spanish, Arabic and Kurdish Sorani available to download.

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