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European election 2019 – London-wide results

Find out the results for the region of London.

I, Janet Senior, Regional Returning Officer appointed for the London region of the European Parliamentary Elections give notice that the total number of valid votes cast for each party and individual candidate at the poll on 23 May 2019 is as follows:

Party/individual candidate Number of votes 
Animal Welfare Party 25,232
Change UK – The Independent Group 117,635
Conservative and Unionist Party 177,964
Green Party 278,957 
Labour Party 536,810 
Liberal Democrats 608,725 
The Brexit Party 400,257 
UK European Union Party (UKEUP) 18,806 
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 46,497 
Women’s Equality Party 23,766 
Adaeze Chiamaka Nkemakonam Whitney Aghaji, commonly known as Daze Aghaji 1,018 
Julian Roger Hallam, commonly known as Roger Hallam 924 
Alan Dennis Kirkby 401 
Kofi Mawuli Klu 869 
Zoë Delemere Lafferty 436 
Claudia Caitlin Mcdowell, commonly known as Claudia Mcdowell 1,036 
Andrew Medhurst 430 
Henry Muss 226 
Mohammad Reza Farrokh Shad, commonly known as Mike Shad 707 
Ian Sowden 254 
Andrea Venzon 731 
 Number of ballot papers rejected


Ballot papers included in count
5,477,048 2,259,078

And I do declare that the following candidates are duly elected as the eight members of the London region:

 Seat Full name
 Commonly known as (if any) Party (if any)
 1 Irina von Wiese
 Liberal Democrats
 2 Claude Ajit Moraes
 Labour Party
 3 Benyamin Naeem Habib
The Brexit Party 
 4 Dinesh Dhamija
Liberal Democrats 
 5 Scott John Ainslie
Green Party 
 6 Sebastian Thomas Dance Seb Dance Labour Party 
 7 Luisa Manon Porritt
Liberal Democrats 
 8 Lance Philip Anisfeld  Lance Philip Forman The Brexit Party

Janet Senior
London Regional Returning Officer
26 May 2019

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