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Young people – knife crime

Each year more young people in London are stabbed – and many lose their lives – due to knife crime.

Carrying a knife for ‘protection’

Some young people feel they need to carry a weapon to protect themselves from gangs even if they have no intention of ever using it. However, statistics show that far from giving protection, by carrying a knife you are much more likely to be stabbed yourself

Watch this video on the consequences of carrying a knife 

Nothing kills a future like a knife

If you carry a knife you are putting your life and your future in danger. Carrying a weapon to protect yourself is still a crime and can carry a prison sentence of up to four years even if you don’t use it.

It is illegal to:

  • carry a knife
  • threaten someone with a knife
  • commit a crime with the use of a weapon – like a robbery
  • commit a crime by pretending you have a real knife. 

Worried about gang culture or knife crime?