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Planning conditions

If certain potential impacts associated with a proposed development need to be addressed, a planning officer may grant permission subject to conditions.

For example restricting what you can do on a premises, or requiring that you get specific approval for aspects of the development, such as the materials to be used before the development commences.

The more information that can be provided at the beginning of the application process, the less likely it will be that planning conditions will need to be imposed.

Discharge of planning conditions

If you need to discharge a planning condition, this will require you to submit details. You can make one planning application and discharge all of the conditions on that application, or you can make separate applications to discharge each of these conditions.

It is important to note that if you submit one application to discharge all of the conditions and permission is refused for one or more of the conditions, and permission would have been given to the remainder of the conditions, then the whole application will be refused. For example if you submit an application to discharge 10 conditions and 5 of these conditions are refused, then the whole of the application will be refused.

The application fee to discharge conditions are as follows:

  • Householder – £28
  • Non-householder – £97.


Informatives may be added to planning consent in order to advise an applicant of certain issues which may be of relevance.