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Shared housing

Your landlord has additional responsibilities if you live in a house of multiple occupation (HMO).

We want to make sure people who live in an HMO are living in safe and decent conditions.

Who lives in an HMO

You probably live in an HMO if you:

  • live with people who are not from your family
  • share basic facilities such as a kitchen, toilet or bathroom

When your landlord needs an HMO licence

Your landlord must have an HMO licence if:

  • five or more people live in your house
  • you live in an HMO flat above a shop or commercial premises

If your landlord don’t have a licence, they could be prosecuted and fined. As a tenant you may be able to make a claim to the First Tier Tribunal for a rent repayment order. Find out more about rent repayment orders on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government website. 

Landlord’s responsibilities if you live in a licensable HMO

If you live in a licensable HMO, your landlord has extra responsibilities, such as providing:

  • a suitable dining area
  • enough kitchen appliances and space for the number of tenants
  • enough bathroom facilities for the number of tenants
  • extra fire safety precautions.

 It’s important for your safety and wellbeing that your landlord has a licence.

Read a full list of the minimum standards your landlord must keep your house in if you live in an HMO below.

Tell us if you live in a licensable HMO

If you think you live in a licensable HMO, let us know using the contact details below. We will make sure the property is licensed and up to standard.

We will treat any information you give us as confidential.

How to get advice

Answer a few short questions to get advice about your housing situation.

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