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Repairs responsibilites

We take care of the majority of repairs within your home and in communal areas, but there are a few things that you are responsible for looking after.

We want you to be safe and secure in your home and will do everything we can to help resolve your problem.

We are responsible for various repairs due to general wear and tear within tenanted properties. However, as part of your tenancy agreement, you are directly responsible for certain minor repairs.

Gas central heating and hot water servicing/repairs for our tenants are carried out by our two specialist contractors. Check which contractor operates in your area and contact them directly.

Before reporting your repair, please check our Repairs Guide to see who is responsible for fixing them.

The guide is also useful in helping you describe the nature of the repair when you report it. By giving us as much information as possible, you can help us fix your problem on the first visit.

Repairs guide

Our repairs promise

We will:

  • make sure the structure and exterior of your home are in good repair
  • provide you with information about how to use the fittings provided in your home and gain access to our services when you need to
  • carry out repairs we are responsible for, such as repairing or replacing fixtures and fittings which we own
  • make sure that common entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways and other communal areas are kept repaired
  • make sure all fixtures and fittings for water, gas, electricity and space and water heating are kept repaired and in working order
  • when carrying out repairs involving floor or wall tiles attempt to match colour, size and style to the existing tiles - however, repairs will be contained to the areas affected, larger areas will not be renewed if we are unable to match the tiles
  • when carrying out repairs to the ceiling and walls of your home we will redecorate the affected area with paint, but we will not redecorate the entire room or ceiling
  • carry out improvement works which will include works to the inside of tenanted properties, communal or shared areas and external repairs as part of our Major Works programme - these are usually large projects which involve long term investment in homes and buildings
  • periodically decorate the outside of your home and any shared areas
  • comply with the law and guidance issued by the housing regulator

Repairs priorities

Type of repair Maximum response time What is covered 
Emergency (E) Within 24 hours

For repairs that remove immediate danger to people, avoid flooding or major damage to the property;
make the property secure; restore total failure of sanitation; water or electrical supply, or total loss
of heating in winter. We will complete the repair at the time, if we can.

For buildings where we are a leaseholder but do not have responsibility for the common parts, we will liaise with the relevant
building manager when required. We will make the situation safe and carry out any follow up work as an urgent or routine repair in normal working hours

Urgent (U) Within 3 working days  For urgent work to prevent damage to the property, or where there is a possible health, safety or security risk. Includes partial failure of sanitation; water or
electrical supply; and heating systems
Routine (R) Within 20 working days 
 Other repairs work that does not fall into the emergency and urgent categories above.

Appointment times

Appointments are weekdays 8am-1pm or 12 noon to 5pm. We can also provide early morning appointments on request or appointments between 10am-3pm to fit around school hours.

When we visit

If you give us a mobile phone number we will send an appointment confirmation text immediately, and text you before we are due to arrive.

If we cannot gain access to your property at the agreed time, we will phone you. If we are unable to contact you, we will leave a card saying what time we visited.

You will need to contact us to rearrange the appointment.

When we first visit we will tell you how long the repair will take. If unable to complete the repair on the first visit we will arrange another visit before leaving the property. We will keep you updated with the progress of the repair.

Once the job is completed we will contact you by text or phone and ask you to complete a survey. This helps us to monitor and improve our services.

Identification cards

All authorised operatives carry identity cards and will show this before entering your home. If you have any doubt over their identity please contact us before letting them into your home. You can arrange a safety password to help you identify our operative if you request it, this will be agreed when your repair appointment is agreed.

Who is responsible?

Doors and locks

You are responsible for:

  • replacing keys or locks when keys are lost or you are locked out (unless you live in sheltered or extra care housing)
  • repairing or replacing internal doors and locks, including bedroom, living room and cupboards
  • repairing or replacing door handles, letter boxes, cupboard catches and hinges
  • adjusting doors, particularly when you fit new floor coverings
  • glazing repairs to internal doors and cupboards (but not security glass)
  • replace glass in windows, unless it is caused by vandalism or a break in
  • repairing or replacing additional security locks, even if the previous tenant installed them

We are responsible for:

  • change locks to front or back entry doors with a crime reference number. (E)
  • external door/window that cannot be secured (E)
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen or communal doors that cannot close (U)

Baths, toilets and basins

You are responsible for:

  • unblocking waste pipes to sinks, toilets, basins and baths where the blockage is in your home
  • replacing or re-affixing broken, cracked wall tiles
  • repairing or replacing toilet seats, bath panels, plugs and chains on baths, basins, or sinks

We are responsible for:

  • blocked toilets (where there is only one in the property) (E)
  • renew or repair toilet (where only one in property) (U)
  • reseal around bath/sink/basin and replacing wall tiles
  • water hammer, defective tap washers
  • renew bath, extractor fans, hand basin or toilet (where property has two)

Drains and wastes

You are responsible for:

  • trying to clear blocked baths, basins, sinks or toilets
  • clearing blockages or repairing leaks from your washing machine or dishwasher, and upsurges
  • keeping gully grids clear of leaves and rubbish, this will help to avoid blockages and flooding

We are responsible for:

  • severe water penetration and flooding (E)
  • major blockages to stacks, surging drains, stacks (E)
  • renewing inspection chamber and/or cover
  • repairing gully grids 
  • blocked refuse chutes (U)


You are responsible for:

  • if a water pipe has burst you should turn off your water supply at the stopcock, and then turn all taps on to allow remaining water to flow out and release pressure
  • fitting pipes for a washing machine or dishwasher (if not already provided)
  • taking steps to prevent water in pipes and taps freezing in cold weather, particularly if you are going on holiday

We are responsible for:

  • severe water penetration and flooding (E)
  • no drinking water or loss of mains water (E)
  • uncontainable leaks (E)
  • containable leaks
  • repairing duct panels 

Kitchen fittings

You are responsible for:

  • repairing any extra kitchen units you have installed
  • repairing or replacing handles, catches and knobs on kitchen units
  • installing washing machines, dishwashers or tumble driers and clearing any blockages in them

We are responsible for:

  • repairs to kitchen cupboards and fittings installed by us.


You are responsible for:

  • resetting trip switches and, if necessary, turning off the mains supply
  • replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, indoor fluorescent tubes and other light bulbs

We are responsible for:

  • communal door entry phones not working (E)
  • lift breakdowns (E)
  • total loss of electrical supply (If this is a supplier fault we will contact them to resolve the issue) (E)
  • partial loss of electrics i.e. one room, lights only, or sockets only (U)
  • re-secure loft hatch or intake cupboard gas or electric (U)
  • faulty communal TV aerials
  • electrical extractor fans

Floors and stairs

You are responsible for:

  • repairing any floor covering you have fitted (vinyl tiles, sheeting, carpets, laminate) or that was fitted by a previous tenant

If you leave your property you must lift any laminate flooring, otherwise you will be charged for the cost to do this.

We are responsible for:

  • defective flooring in communal areas or stair tread where there is a health and safety issue
  • loose or detached banister or hand rail
  • communal floor or wall tile repair

If you are vulnerable or disabled, we will move some items of furniture to carry out repairs, however we may not be able to move large or fragile items for you.

Roofs, walls and ceilings

You are responsible for:

  • looking after any aerial or satellite dish you had permission to put up, or any aerial that was on the building when you moved in, unless it is a communal aerial
  • decorating walls and ceilings, including filling minor cracks and holes
  • putting up and repairing shower and curtain rails and battens, pelmets, coat hooks and shelves
  • controlling the build-up of moisture in your home to prevent damp and mould appearing on walls or ceiling - you should keep air vents clear and use extractor fans and window trickle vents (where provided) to prevent condensation, and should always try to dry clothes outside and open windows if you are drying clothes indoors

We are responsible for:

  • dangerous structures and ceilings (E)
  • roof leaks (these can only be repaired externally in dry weather)
  • major plastering defects to ceiling or wall
  • brickwork and concrete repairs

Windows and gutters

You are responsible for:

  • replacing broken or cracked glass in any door (for safety reasons we can do the work and charge you the cost of the repair)
  • keeping window trickle vents clear
  • replacing window keys to locking windows where these are fitted
  • keeping gully grids clear of leaves and rubbish

We are responsible for:

  • re-glaze window or door (except those that have previously been made safe)
  • repair gutters and rain water pipes (in dry conditions)
  • re-glazing of boarded windows, only with a police crime reference number
  • reseal window or door


You are responsible for:

  • checking your heating controls (room thermostat, timer or programmer) are set correctly
  • keeping your home properly heated to prevent frozen or burst pipes, even when you are on holiday, and keep it ventilated to prevent condensation
  • getting chimneys (used for coal or wood fires) swept once a year by a sweep registered with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps

If you smell gas contact National Grid Gas Emergency Helpline immediately on 0800 111 999.

We are responsible for:

  • loss of communal heating or lighting (E)
  • blocked flue to open fire or boiler (E)
  • total or partial loss of space or water heating (in winter, 1 November to 30 April) (U)
  • leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern (U)
  • total or partial loss of space or water heating (in summer, 1 May to 31 October)

Garages and gardens

You are responsible for:

  • replacing keys or locks to garages when keys are lost or stolen
  • gaining entry to your garage if you lose your key
  • fencing repairs to individual properties
  • replacing keys or locks to sheds when keys are lost or broken
  • maintaining individual paths, except the one leading from the boundary gate to your main entrance door
  • replacing clothes lines and rotary driers, except in shared areas

We are responsible for:

  • repairs to garage doors, (these will never be treated as an emergency repair)
  • communal paths
  • maintain fencing and walls which forms a boundary with a highway, footpath or public right of way. We may replace existing brick walls with wooden fencing when appropriate (Make safe - E)