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Report a fly-tipper

You can help us find and prosecute fly-tippers.

As well as reporting fly-tipping that needs clearing, you can also give us information about who is fly-tipping.

The more information and evidence we have about fly-tippers the better the chance we have of finding and fining them and stopping them from doing it again.

Fines for fly-tippers

On-the-spot fines of up to £400 are given to people who are caught fly-tipping. If fly-tippers are prosecuted through the courts, they can get an unlimited fine or a five-year prison sentence.

What information do we need?

You should only give us information about fly-tippers if it will not put you at risk. We advise against searching through fly-tipping, looking for evidence.

However, if you see a fly-tipping taking place, and you can safely get the following information, then we want to hear from you:

  • a description of the waste

  • a description of the people involved

  • a description of any vehicles involved, and the number plate

  • information about where the fly-tippers came from

  • time and date of the offence

You can also:

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