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Pollution from demolition and construction

Get information about minimising pollution from demolition and construction activities.

Construction management plans (CMP)

Large development sites usually require a CMP.

We review these plans and assess the measures to ensure appropriate mitigation, monitoring and communication is in place to minimise the impact of the site on the surrounding environment and local community.

Good practice guide

This provides guidance for all construction/demolition sites. It directs the developer, their contractor and any sub contractors on our recommended standards for good practice.

It does not present an exhaustive list of measures as there may be particular specific cases where additional good practice measures can be used.

Adherence to the guide therefore can’t be used as a defence for Best Practicable Means.

Section 61 consent

If a building contractor applies for a prior consent for works under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, we can issue a consent. This consent is only applicable to the management of noise from the site.

The application therefore has to detail how noise is to be managed on-site. The underlying principle is that Best Practicable Means (BPM) is being adopted.  


The developer or their contractor are responsible for monitoring the noise from their own construction/demolition site.

Through the code of practice, the CMP and the Section 61 consent we are able to review this monitoring data and ensure that appropriate action is taken to reduce levels where appropriate.

For some large strategic sites we carry out our own noise monitoring.

Construction noise is predominantly controlled by restricting the hours of work to:

  • Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm

  • Saturdays, 8am–1pm

  • No work on Sundays or bank holidays.

The code also highlights measures that should be adopted by contractors to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Controlling emissions

In order to minimise or eliminate the impact on members of the public from the construction phase of any development, developers should contact us to discuss their requirements.

The Institute of Air Quality Management have produced guidance on the assessment of dust from demolition and construction.

This document should be followed when completing a method statement (or Construction Environmental Management Plan) for the construction phase of a new property development.

Construction noise can be disturbing.
If you are affected, particularly outside of the above hours contact us (details below).


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