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Permits for industrial processes

If your industrial processes could cause pollution, you need to get a permit.

There are currently two types of processes:

  • Part A1 processes, which have the potential to cause pollution and are regulated by the Environment Agency
  • Part A2 processes, which have the potential to cause pollution and are regulated by local authorities
  • Part B processes, which have the potential to cause only air pollution and are inspected and regulated by local authorities.

Examples of Part B processes include vehicle re-spraying, dry cleaning and the unloading of petrol.

We are responsible for authorising and inspecting all Part B processes within the borough. This regime is also referred to as Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC).

Applying for Part B permits

Any person operating a Part B process that requires a permit must submit an application, with a fee, to the Council.

We will then issue a permit in accordance with government guidance. The operator of the process must comply with the conditions of a permit and they will be subject to inspection.

Transfers, variations and surrendering a permit

Where there is a change of operator, a transfer form will need to be completed.

Where there is a change to the process, a variation to the permit may be required.

Use a surrender form if you already have a permit and have ceased
to operate, or intend to cease to operate your installation and wish to surrender the permit. You may apply to surrender the whole or part of your permit.


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