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The number of days in a school year

Information about how many days a year children go to school and what happens if the school is a polling station

Children should attend for 190 days (or 380 sessions) each academic year. Teachers should be available to work for 195 days each academic year.

These term dates apply to all local community primary, secondary and special schools. The governing body of each school will set five days for INSET or teacher training days.

Voluntary aided schools, foundation schools and academies set their own holiday dates. These might be different from the dates for community schools.

Schools used as polling stations

Some schools are used as polling stations during term time.

In many cases, normal schooling and polling will be able to take place at the same time. Although the part of the school used as a polling station should have its own entrance and be isolated from the rest of the school.

If a school has to close

If this is not the case, the school will usually close for the day. If this happens, the governing body must take reasonable steps to make up the lost day. This is to fulfil its duty for the school to meet for 380 half-day sessions in a school year.

For example, they might be able to extend the end of the school term by one day or move affected pupils to alternative premises, although that could be impractical.

Governors must find a balance based on their knowledge of the school premises and what physical arrangements could reasonably be made to accommodate both schooling and elections at the same time.


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