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Supporting families programme

The Supporting Families programme is a national programme of holistic support for families.

Supporting Families aims to provide eligible families with the right support at the right time to prevent their needs from escalating. The programme has helped close to half a million families since 2015. 

The programme focuses on 10 areas of development for children and/or their families:

  1. getting a good education
  2. good early years development
  3. improved mental and physical health
  4. promoting recovery and reducing harm from substance use
  5. improved family relationships
  6. children safe from abuse and exploitation
  7. crime prevention and tackling crime
  8. safe from domestic abuse
  9. secure housing
  10. financial stability

The programme also offers tailored employment support and benefits advice from Supporting Families Employment Advisors (SFEA). The SFEAs provide one-to-one and group support to those wanting to go back to work or change careers including, help with job searches and benefits advice. They also run job and parent clubs throughout the year in family hubs and other key community locations such as libraries. 

Families are referred to our program by professionals through MASH for our Family Thrive service or via our family hubs and children's centres. After being referred, a thorough evaluation of the family is conducted, taking into account the needs of all members, to determine the appropriate interventions that can meet their needs.

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