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Sign up to the Responsible Retailer Agreement

Sign up to the Responsible Retailer Agreement

If you own a business, join the scheme here.

Some of the products on sale (for example tobacco or alcohol) may have age restrictions. Other products or fundraising activities may have been found to have negative effects on the local community which can lead to a rise in antisocial behaviour or be used to fund serious crime.

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Commit to being responsible

The Responsible Retailer Agreement, it is a voluntary but binding agreement where businesses agree that they will work with us (Trading Standards and the Neighbourhood Community Safety Service) and Lewisham Police to make the borough a better place to live and work. Each business to sign up to the RRA receives a window sticker to display on their shopfront.

If you own a business and would like to sign up to the Responsible Retailer Agreement then get in contact with the Neighbourhood Community Safety Service. 


Trading Standards

Email: cer@lewisham.gov.uk
Telephone: 020 8314 7237