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Single Equality Framework

The Single Equality Framework (SEF) is a strategic tool used to assess how the Council promotes equality and fairness through the performance of its functions and the provision of services. The Framework is comprised of five objectives, six prisms and a data digest.

The objectives and prisms are a mechanism through which we can assess the reasoning and impact of our decisions before making them and ensure effective monitoring and outcome measurement thereafter. By applying this framework, the Council will also be able to determine what reasonable steps it might take to mitigate any negative impacts that might arise from the performance of its functions.

Equality objectives

In total there are five equality objectives, which set out the aims and aspirations of the Council over the lifetime of this Framework. The expectation is that the objectives are reflected in the way in which the Council conducts its business, makes decisions and provides services. 

Equality prisms

The objectives are complemented by six equality prisms. The prisms are questions that should be considered when making judgements about equality implications. The questions are intended to help the Council to better understand the type and severity of equality risk, before making decisions.

Data digest

Each year as new information becomes available, a data digest will be published alongside this Framework. The purpose of the data digest is to bring together updated information across each of the nine characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010.