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Cleaner Lewisham

We have launched Cleaner Lewisham and we are relying on support from businesses and the community to help.

We are passionate about providing a cleaner, greener Lewisham and encouraging civic pride for everyone who lives, works and studies in Lewisham. We are looking at the ways that we manage waste and also how to reduce the amount that is produced in the borough.

We currently offer low-price collections of bulky waste and free mattress collections for Lewisham residents. To request a collection, please visit our website.

Unfortunately, there is a small minority of people who litter and fly tip in Lewisham. We recognise the detrimental impact that this has on local people and communities and are keen to tackle enviro-crime.

We understand that the Council is responsible to effectively manage waste and improve the local area. Through this campaign, we want to raise awareness of the effects of littering and fly-tipping and to try to change behaviour.

A key part of this campaign is hosting community events to clean up local areas. By working together, we can reduce the amount of litter on our streets, encourage residents to use the street litter bins and make better use of the waste services available.  If you have an idea for a litter picking event or want to know about one of the events happening near you, contact us at cleanerlewisham@lewisham.gov.uk

Get involved! Please visit this page regularly to see a list of updated events that you can participate in. 

Upcoming events

Tuesday 27th July 

Bellingham Green (meet at entrance to Bellingham Green opposite Randlesdown Road), 11am-1pm

Saturday 31st July

Albion Way (meet outside Salvation Army), 10am-12pm

Tuesday 3rd August

Fairlawn Park & Winchfield Road (meet at junction of Fairlawn and Winchfield), 5.30pm-7.30pm

Saturday 7th August

Ladywell Fields, 10am - 12pm

Wednesday 18th August

Margaret McMillan Park, 10am - 12pm

Saturday 21st August

Tanners Hill & Lucas Street, 10am - 12pm

Signing up to the Cleaner Lewisham Pledge

We have created a pledge that businesses and community groups can sign up to. Working together, we want to create a Cleaner Lewisham. Businesses and community groups can pledge anything they want to, and we will work together and promote the work that you are doing. To find out more, or to pledge, please contact us at cleanerlewisham@lewisham.gov.uk.

Reporting fly-tipping or street cleaning issues

You can report any fly-tipping or street cleaning issue through the Cleaner Lewisham app. Find out more information about this app on our website.

Rules on litter picking

Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your own safety and that of others when you are collecting litter.

 Please do  Please don't

Do follow the Highway Code if driving to and from litter picking locations including safely parking vehicle to enable easy access and egress in case of emergency.

 Don’t wear open toe shoes, wear suitable footwear for uneven/unstable ground and appropriate for weather conditions.

Do wear high visibility waistcoat.

Don’t do anything that is likely to endanger yourself or others, including litter picking close to a busy road or in bad weather when visibility is poor or icy under foot.

Do  wear appropriate/suitable clothing for weather conditions.

 Don’t touch anything that may be dangerous, including needles or syringes, human waste, animal waste, blood, batteries, miscellaneous substances or anything that is suspected to contain asbestos. Contact the Council for advice.
Do use the litter picker gloves and follow good hygiene practices and only handle litter when wearing gloves. 

Don’t litter pick in rivers, ponds or canals.

Do use litter pickers to pick up sharp litter.   Don’t sort through waste materials inside bags or bins and be aware of protruding objects.
Do take great care if picking up broken glass. 

Don’t deal with animal faeces.

Do be careful when handling heavy or awkward to items, and don’t handle if it would cause injury.

Don’t overfill bags so they become too heavy to comfortably handle.

Do cover up in the sun. Use sun screen and take water to keep hydrated in warm weather. 

Don’t litter pick in weather conditions that may threaten your health and welfare.

Do consider carrying some basic first aid provision including cleansing gel.

Don’t forget to cover any cuts or sores with a waterproof plaster before carrying out litter pick.

Do work only from footways or verges wide enough to provide sufficient distance from traffic. 

Don’t work on the roadside if the speed limit is 40mph or over.

Do face oncoming traffic and passing traffic when litter picking. 

Don’t litter pick on the highway or in the road.

Do take extreme care when crossing roads. Only litter pick on one side of the road so crossing is kept to a minimum. 

Don’t attempt to deal with aggressive or difficult people. Do not confront anyone littering.

Do withdraw rather than face conflict.

 Don’t litter pick where loose dogs may be present.
Do avoid contact with animals. 

Don’t litter pick at height that involves climbing.

Do be aware of low lying branches and exposed tree and shrub roots. Beware of dangerous plants and possible adverse reactions.