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Building for Lewisham

The Building for Lewisham programme will build new social homes across Lewisham. These new homes will mainly be delivered by the Council’s housing company Lewisham Homes.

We’re working hard to help residents by building genuinely affordable, high-quality council housing, while helping to create and support sustainable and diverse communities throughout Lewisham.

Why we're doing this

London is in the grip of a severe housing shortage. There is an increasing lack of council housing across Lewisham: there are currently around 2,480 Lewisham families in temporary accommodation, of which over 750 people are in nightly paid accommodation. We therefore acknowledge the severe challenges faced by our residents and are committed to delivering new homes for those in greatest need of housing.

approved* Please note that when we refer to numbers of homes, these relate to social-rented and temporary accommodation homes only

How we're doing this

We are diversifying the methods we use to deliver these new homes. Following the success of the award-winning PLACE/Ladywell scheme, we are also working on innovative pre-manufactured approaches to develop high-quality housing which can be built quickly and effectively.

Working with a number of partners to deliver different types of social housing, our aim is to meet a range of needs across the borough. These include:

  • building homes which cater to the needs of older people who want to remain independent in a home of their own
  • providing specialist housing for people with learning disabilities
  • building accommodation for Lewisham’s homeless households

We’re working with our housing company Lewisham Homes to build these new homes. We also work in partnership with housing associations that want to build new social homes at lifetime tenancies. In addition, we pro-actively seek opportunities in the market on an ongoing basis. These include our acquisitions of existing or planned properties.

Building for Lewisham is supported with grant funding from the Mayor of London. For further information about our programme, please contact: housing.development@lewisham.gov.uk