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Investing in Council housing

Our budget for 2024/25 allocates around £80 million to spend on improvements where they're most needed.

Lewisham Council is committed to improving the quality of our housing to make sure we are providing safe and decent homes. As well as doing repairs when needed, we look at the overall condition of our buildings and create a programme of refurbishment. Find out more about planned works.

We will be developing our plans for investment in our buildings for 2025/26 and beyond, and sharing with residents in the coming months.

Our budget for 2024/25 allocates around £80 million to spend on improvements where they are most needed:

  • Decent homes: investing £59.1m in improving our tenants’ homes. These works include new roofs, balconies, windows & doors, external decorations, kitchens & bathrooms, heating and electrical works.
  • Building safety: investing £17.6m to improving the safety of our buildings. Works include cladding removals, emergency lighting, smoke
  • ventilation, improved compartmentation of areas, and fire door replacement.
  • Sustainability: following significant investment in the 23/24 financial year, we are spending a further £2.85m in energy efficiency improvement

Some of the major elements of the programme include:

External improvement works  £12,770,000
Major housing repairs  £10,000,000
Kitchens and bathrooms  £3,286,000
Electrical works  £1,566,000
Roof and balcony replacements  £7,900,000
Main entrance door replacements  £2,040,000
Stock condition surveys
Lift replacements  £1,800,000
New door entry systems  £1,375,000
New warden call systems  £1,400,000
Heating replacements  £1,157,000
Energy improvements
Sheltered property refurbishments
Fire safety works  £11,125,000 
2023/24 ongoing works

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