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Ten ways to show you love our parks

We’ve compiled ten simple ways you can show your love for our wonderful parks and help to make visiting them an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Right now in Lewisham we are all using our parks and green spaces more than ever before. Whether you’ve been using them to meet up with friends, go running or cycling or just as a place to escape to, parks have provided us all with a much-needed space to relax and unwind.

Below are our top ten ways to show your love for our parks:

  1. Keep your distance – you should aim to stay 2m away from people outside your household.
  2. Walk, cycle or scoot – keep it green and avoid driving to parks. The Green Chain Walk links a number of Lewisham parks, why not lace up your walking boots and make a day of it?
  3. Step aside if you’re running or cycling – please give way to those who are moving more slowly.
  4. If your local park is busy, try another one – did you know that we are lucky enough to have 45 parks in Lewisham? Perhaps it’s time to broaden your horizons and explore somewhere new.
  5. Take you litter home with you. If you’re having a picnic, remember to take a bag with you to collect rubbish and put it in your own bin at home – don’t forget to do your bit for the planet and sort the rubbish for recycling too.
  6. Keep the noise down – people live around parks so please be considerate and don’t play loud music or make too much noise.
  7. Be aware of grass fires- long, hot weather can increase the risks of fires. Anything burning can start one. The most common offenders? Cigarettes and BBQs. Please do not lights BBQs in our parks and make sure cigarettes are extinguished properly.
  8. Use the loo before you leave home. We’re in the process of reopening toilets but please check if the toilets are open in your local park on our website. There may also be a queue for these facilities and you use them at your own risk.
  9. Our parks team are working exceptionally hard to manage the increased demand for green spaces. Why not give them a smile and say thank you, a friendly word can go a long way.
  10. Share your pictures! If you’re out and about enjoying parks in the borough we would love to see, tag us on Facebook and Twitter.

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