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Nouveau Riche announces new season at Broadway

Nouveau Riche, the multi-award winning theatre group, has announced its new season as Broadway's Associate Artists.

A young, Black man wearing a suit is sitting on a speaker. He is holding a text book in one hand and a keyboard in the other

Running from March through to May, this is a fantastic programme of live performance which platforms a rich mix of under-represented voices. It is not to be missed!

No More Mr Nice Guy by Cal-I Jonel

Wednesday 6 - Saturday 16 March

Prepare to be captivated by the world premiere of the award-winning play No More Mr Nice Guy by Cal-I Jonel. This gripping narrative revolves around Keloughn Douglas, a British-Caribbean Music Teacher entangled in the complexities of his aspirations for senior leadership, a burning passion for a successful music career, and his yearning to marry the love of his life. As he grapples with the balancing act of work and personal life while navigating the day's microaggressions, Keloughn's world hangs in the balance. Audiences will be drawn into his psyche through a blend of storytelling, movement, rap, RnB, and sound effects. Described as "skilful," "funny," "thought-provoking," and "clever," this experimental gig-theatre production is not to be missed.

Book tickets for No More Mr Nice Guy.

Doughnuts and Ice Cream by Tazmin Murray

Dates TBC

Full of laughter, play and inside jokes, three women take us on an exhilarating journey through poetic conversations about love and success – however, beyond surface level conversations and smiling faces, there is something much deeper taking place in their lives. As Noelle goes through a lengthy journey to diagnosis for endometriosis, we see it affect her dynamic with best friends Gabby and Jazz, as well as her relationship with partner Andre as they navigate difficult conversations around fertility. Their friendship quickly becomes more than a place to thrive but also a safe place to break as they piece back together her faith and view of womanhood. Tazmin Murray is an international award-winning actor who made her writing debut with Doughnuts and Ice Cream.

Resonate by Ntonga Mwanza

Monday 20 - Friday 31 May

Resonate is performed by the brilliant Ntonga Mwanza. It's a solo dance-theatre show following Jacob, a young man trying to turn away from his life as a hard-living and loving party animal, through a new found faith and spirituality. However, constant interruptions from his friends and ex-girlfriends leads to a crisis of confidence, and a breakdown in his mental state due to him being torn between two extremes. Resonate plunges into the mania of lust, faith and sexual-addiction-affliction, merging physical theatre, hip hop dance, clowning, mime and spoken word. A pulsating lyrical journey into the soul of a young man.

Find more information on Nouveau Riche's new season at the Broadway and book tickets or see what else is on.

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