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Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre

The Gateway offers excellent facilities with a range of social and learning opportunities focused on sports and leisure. Children and young people have the chance to meet other people their own age in safe surroundings, to learn new skills and to plan and run activities for themselves.  


Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre, 185 Brookehowse Road, Bellingham, London, Se6 3Tt

Telephone 07580 777874
Email derrick.michell@youthfirst.org.uk

Accessibility information


Opening hours

Monday: 6.15–8.45pm (ages 12–19 or 25 with SEN) Thursday: 6.15–8.45pm (ages 12–19 or 25 with SEN) Friday Junior Session: 2.30–5pm (ages 8–12 or 13 with SEN) Friday Senior Session: 6.15–8.45pm (ages 13–19 or 25 with SEN)

FIS service for:

  • Recreation
  • Youth clubs

Family information service provider type:

Youth Service

Age range:

  • Children 0-5 years
  • Children 5-11 years
  • Young people 11-19 years

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