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Woodpecker Youth Club

Find out about Woodpecker Youth Club.

There's a wide range of activities you can do at Woodpecker, from the more active to the more creative.

Opening times


  • 5.45 - 8.15pm (ages 8-19, or up to 25 with special educational needs)


  • 3.15 - 5.45pm (ages 8-12, or up to 13 with special educational needs)
  • 6.15pm - 8.45pm (ages 13-19, or up to 25 with special educational needs)


Woodpecker makes the area a better place.
  • the Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme
  • music
  • arts and crafts
  • PlayStation and other computer games
  • pool
  • cooking
  • football
  • boxing
  • dance.

Contact us for more information.

Want to do something else? Tell us.

You can decide what activities or events you want to do.