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Local land charges – personal search

Information for private search companies inspecting the register of local land charges under environmental information regulations.
Local Land Charges fees and charges

Our fees and charges for Local Land Charges services will increase from 1 April 2021 by an average of between 1.0% and 2.4% across all the services. 

Land charges

If you have submitted a Local Land Charges search, we aim to return 90% of Official searches within 10-12 working days and 100% of LLC1 register searches within five working days.

If you have submitted a request for a personal inspection of the Local Land Charges Register then you will be contacted within 24 hours and advised of our earliest appointment slot. All requests for a personal inspection of the Land Charges register will be booked around 20 days in advance and this is due to the number of personal search requests that we are receiving. All requests will be dealt with on the date they are received.

If you are a not a Personal Search Agent and you are enquiring as to the progress of your personal search, then please contact your Solicitor or whomever has ordered the personal search request.

The planning information office is located on the ground floor of Laurence House inside Catford Library. Opening times are 9am–1pm. If you would like to view a planning file please make an appointment on 020 8314 7400 or planning@lewisham.gov.uk.   

Please note that a copy of the register will only be available to view on the date you  have requested. If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please contact us to arrange another viewing date.

Personal searches can be conducted by members of the public and search agents on behalf of their clients. A personal search involves the inspection of the local land charges register at our office in Catford.

Other public registers may be inspected free of charge which include the planning register and the highways register. The completion of a search of this type may require the inspection of other publically available registers which will most likely be held in more than one location as well as on our website.

Due to the changes to the CON29 questions, the way that we collate information may change over time. We will update this page as changes are made.

We require five full working days notice for personal search requests. Any requests which fall short of the five days will be refused. All requests made should include the property address and an OS Plan. If we have any problems with the search request or require further information we will contact you using the contact details you have provided.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a full search and a search in the Register under environmental information regulations?

A full search consists of results from a search in the local land charges register as well as answers to Part 1 of the CON29 form. Part 2 enquiries and a solicitor's own enquiries can be answered for an additional fee. The search is officially signed by the Council.

A search under EIR allows a third party to search the Local Land Charges Register and make notes from it. There are other options available to agents and the fees for these can be found under ‘Scale of Fees’ in the Local Land Charges - full search section.


Local land charges

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