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Planning appeals

You can make a planning appeal if your planning application has been refused planning permission, you did not receive a decision within 8 weeks or 13 weeks (major application), or your application was approved and you are not happy with the planning conditions.
Changes to the Scheme of Delegation

On 29 March 2023, members agreed changes to the Council’s constitution and scheme of delegation.

The new scheme will be applied to applications with a Statutory Start Date of 30 March 2023 or later.  The changes are:

  • 10 or more objections will be required to trigger a planning committee meeting 
  • A scheme with an amenity society objection will be referred to a Chairs’ Review meeting

You can appeal online or find out more using the Planning Portal.

You can make an appeal for the following types of application:

  • householder

  • major application

  • enforcement

  • advertisement

  • listed building

  • lawful development certificate.

The planning appeals process

If you make a planning appeal, the appeal will be looked at by an independent Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

The appeal can be decided in three ways:

Appeal for non-determination

New changes to validation requirements mean that where a Local Authority persists in refusing to validate a planning application on the grounds of purportedly insufficient information requested under the provisions of Section 62 (3) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the applicant has the right to make an appeal.

Please note that appealing against non-determination should be the last resort, after negotiations with us.