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Free WiFi access in libraries

Find out how to get free access to WiFi at libraries in the borough.

All the libraries in the borough offer free access to WiFi. You can bring your laptop or other mobile device into any of our libraries and log in to our wireless network.

How it works

You need to have a library membership card and PIN. If you do not know your PIN please ask a member of library staff or email libraries@lewisham.gov.uk. If you are not a member it is easy to join providing you have proof of address.

Look for wireless networks available via your device. Choose our free network and follow the log in instructions.

WiFi speed

Because of the way the wireless network operates within libraries, at peak periods you may notice your access slows down if a large number of people are logged on. We recommend you save your work often in case of network issues.

Note: The WiFi network is switched off fifteen minutes before the library closing time.

Can I use the WiFi for email?


Can I use the WiFi for searching the Internet?

Yes. With the exception of any websites that may be deemed inappropriate for viewing in a public area.

What do I need to get online in libraries?

A laptop or smartphone which can access a wireless network. The library WiFi network supports any device that conforms to the 802.11 b/g WiFi standards.