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Using the library

Find out about the services we offer and browse our fees and charges.
Join the library
If you live, work or study anywhere in London you can use our library service.
Renewing library items
Find out about renewing items borrowed from a library.
Learning in libraries
Lifelong learning is about learning for leisure and interest (informal learning), as well as for college or work (formal learning).
Track your library books
Avoid overdue fines – get alerts (by email) when your books are due back.
Library charges and fines
See how much is charged for overdue items (apart from digital items for which there are no overdue charges) and for other services available at our libraries.
Free WiFi access in libraries
Find out how to get free access to WiFi at libraries in the borough.
Borrowing library items
Find out what you can borrow as a library member.
Free internet access in libraries
All the libraries in the borough offer free internet access. You can walk in and book a place at any of our libraries, with sessions typically lasting 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
Reserving library items
Find out how to reserve library items.