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Higher education for young people with SEND

Find out about applying for university if you have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Higher education is your next step on after college, sixth form or an apprenticeship. It is available to everyone over 18, who has been successful in obtaining a level three qualification, such as A levels or a BTEC, or the completion of an Access Course.

Apply for university

Choosing to go to university is an exciting decision for every young person. Your application for a higher education course will through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The UCAS website offers a comprehensive list of universities and colleges, which courses they offer and the entry requirements.

Living in Lewisham means you can access a wide range of universities in London and the South East of England. There are three higher education institutions in the borough:

Students with SEND

Universities will support and help students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Students with SEND may be entitled to Disabled Students' Allowance. The amount you receive will depend on your individual needs.

Part-time university courses

Some students may prefer to study part time, rather than doing a full-time course. If you need more flexibility, the Open University offers courses that allow you to study from home.