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Why report hate crime

The security and wellbeing of all our citizens is a priority. Firm action will be taken against people who commit any acts of hatred.

It is important to report all hate incidents, even if you think nothing can be done as it helps the Police and other agencies identify areas of concern, patterns of behaviour and what is happening in our communities. Hate crimes are not only crimes against the targeted victim, but also against a particular group as a whole.

We recognise that some victims may not wish to be identified, so we encourage victims to report crime anonymously to a third party reporting site to ensure that the police can do all they can to tackle hate crime in the community.

Lewisham Council have commissioned StopHate UK, a leading charity committed to tackling Hate Crime, to provide a 24 hour reporting to those affected by Hate crime/incidents.  

Our commitment to you

The police and the council will:

  • investigate all reported incidents of hate crime
  • take legal action if there is sufficient evidence to enable us to do this
  • keep in contact with you and let you know of our progress
  • support you during this process.

We will also help you find support where there is not enough evidence to take legal action.

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