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Blue badge frauds caught red handed

As part of a National Blue Badge Day of Action, Lewisham Council’s anti-fraud and corruption team and civil enforcement officers from NSL worked together to help tackle the abuse of Blue Badges.

The team and the civil enforcement officers worked around the Slaithwaite Road and the Clarendon Rise/Albion Way car parks and the surrounding roads.

The exercise resulted in 65 blue badges being checked. As a result of these checks, nine penalty charge notices were issued for blue badge misuse to the value of £1,170, and a further 20 warning letters were issued to the badge holders.

Parking enforcement officers worked with the Council’s fraud officers to check that the blue badges on display were being used correctly.

A blue badge must only be displayed in a parked vehicle where the badge owner is present, or the driver is specifically parking to pick up or drop off the badge owner. It’s an offence to misuse a badge, with offenders facing possible prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

‘Action days’ ensure that blue badges are being displayed correctly. Badges are identified by the council’s enforcement officers, with fraud officers undertaking checks to establish correct usage. The nationwide Day of Action saw over 80 councils from across the country take part to help cut down on the wrongful use of blue badges.

If you've got information on fraudulent activity against the Council, email reportfraud@lewisham.gov.uk or phone the counter fraud hotline on 0800 0850119. You can remain anonymous, and all concerns are treated seriously.

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