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Borrow a bike for one month

Find out about our cycle loan scheme.

The scheme is open to all adults with priority given to key workers, if you live work or study in Lewisham you can sign up to our cycle loan scheme, which lets you borrow a quality bike for one month for £10. 

Once you have signed up to the scheme, you will be given a date and location where you can collect your bike. Take along some ID, your £10 and cycle away.

You have four weeks to use the bike as your wish (although you must store it at home when you are not using it).

At the end of the month, bring the bike back, purchase of bicycles is currently suspended due to shortage of stock.

Changes to the cycle loan scheme

Please be aware that the scheme dates and booking may alter at short notice to comply with current government COVID guidelines.

Cycle loan scheme FAQs

How do I sign up to the scheme?

You will then be contacted by someone from the London Cycling Campaign who will discuss with you exactly what you need.

What is provided with the bike?

All bikes come with:

  • a helmet

  • a lock

  • a high visibility vest.

There are also optional items like lights and child seats at no extra cost.

What types of bike are available?

We have a range of men's and women's bikes in various sizes. The bikes are suitable for riding on roads and firm tracks, for commuting and leisure.

There are also some folding bikes which can be taken on many trains, buses and the tubes.

What forms of ID do I need to show?

  • Photographic ID – passport, driver's licence

  • Work place ID

  • Proof of address – for example a council tax or utilities bill.

How do I pay for the loan scheme?

You will need to pay for the £10 cost of the loan scheme in cash when you come to collect your bike. 

What can I do with my bike and where can I take it?

There is no limit on use. We want you to use it as much as possible and wherever possible to experience how cycling can fit into your lifestyle.

Can I extend the loan beyond four weeks?

No - the loan is for four weeks only.

Do I have to pay a deposit?


What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged?

If your bike is stolen, you must:

  • contact the police immediately to get a crime reference number

  • contact us as soon as possible with the details.

Depending on the circumstances, we will let you know whether we can lend you another bike.  

If your bike is damaged contact us immediately to discuss the damage and whether the bike can or should still be used.

I understand that I can buy a bike through the scheme, how does this work?

There are some buying options available through the scheme which will save you money. These will be explained to you during the loan period.

Are there any cycle lessons included?

Cycle lessons are not automatically offered as part of the scheme but a free two-hour cycle lesson can be arranged through the Road Safety Team.

I hired a bike through the £10 scheme about four years ago and also did a free cycle lesson. I have been cycling to work ever since. I recently started a new job in Westminster and was reflecting on the fact that I never would have thought I could cycle there and back if I hadn't been prompted to get back into cycling through the scheme.
Mubeen Bhutta