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What happens to my rubbish?

Find out how we dispose of your rubbish.
Easter Bank Holiday waste collections

Monday 10 April to Saturday 15 April. Usual service will resume week commending Monday 17 April. 

All refuse and recycling collections will take place one day later than normal due to Easter celebrations.

Standard collection day Revised collection day 
 Monday 10 April Tuesday 11 April 
 Tuesday 11 April Wednesday 12 April 
 Wednesday 12 April Thursday 13 April 
 Thursday 13 April Friday 14 April 
Friday 14 April  Saturday 15 April 

Make sure your bins are out for collection on your revised collection day. 

The refuse crews collect your black bin rubbish and transport it to the SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility in New Cross

Energy recovery from refuse

Energy recovery provides Lewisham with a long term sustainable solution for waste disposal.

Once the options of waste reduction, re-use and recycling are exhausted, residual waste is sent to SELCHP to produce power for the National Grid, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and providing us with energy from a constantly renewable source.

In fact SELCHP produces enough electricity to power around 48,000 homes.

Modern Energy Recovery Facilities such as SELCHP operate under strict environmental controls, using the mass-burn process to incinerate waste at temperatures where potentially harmful chemicals are destroyed.

Residues and flue gases are carefully treated to ensure that potential pollutants are not allowed to enter the atmosphere.

SELCHP is operated by experts in energy recovery technologies, working hard to ensure the plant remains efficient, technologically up to date and above all, safe.

But it doesn't just stop there

After the incineration process has finished, leftover metals are extracted and sent to be recycled.

Finally, the incinerator bottom ash is also able to be used as a secondary aggregate in both road construction and the building industry.

If you have any further questions about SELCHP or energy recovery in general please go to the SELCHP website for further information.

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